If your floor is damaged, our expert professionals will make it scar and stain free by sanding it gently

Hardwood Floor Repair Service Brooklyn NY

Is your house looking old and boring?

Are you ready to turn your home from drab to fab? Here’s the one-step solution to it, Hardwood Floor Repairing. The old and dull floors tend to diminish the overall appearance of the house. Therefore it is very important to repair your hardwood floor from time to time. We are here to provide the best flooring service in Brooklyn.


The need for hardwood floor service

With age, the hardwood floors start losing its charm. But the best thing about hardwood floors are that it can make a comeback. All you need to do is contact us for our services that will bring back the lost charm of your house. If your floor is damaged, our expert professionals will make it scar and stain free by sanding it gently and applying a layer of shine to it. But if it’s not damaged, it will take less time with you to fix. In high traffic area, deep cleansing by flooring professionals is a must.

Old hardwood floor repairing

Floors create the overall image of your house. If your floors are damaged, it will hamper the valuable representation of your house. It is imperative to take expert repairing service because the damaged floor can be life-threatening. The holes and chalks on wood can cause a lot of damage to the kids as well as adults. In excessive contact with water, the floors start adopting stains. These stains keep multiplying day by day. The professionals repair water stains on hardwood floors in the most effective way possible.


Repair scratches on hardwood floors

The scratches in hardwood floors look less captivating. There are many ways by which a hardwood floor gain scratches like prominent marks from dog’s claws, gauges from the legs of sofa/chair/table, bash of tough material on the floor etc. Our experts follow the following steps to repair the scratches:

Step 1

Choose a colour maker similar to the floor. Test its visibility before confirmation.

Step 2:

On the scratch-prone areas brush the colourant gently one after the other.

Step 3:

For a natural feel, the experts prefer to rub a walnut into the scratches.

Step 4:

If there are so many scratches wood stains is rubbed and then wiped with clean water.

The deep scratches can also be filled up using wood fillers.

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Repair gouges and dents on wood floor

No matter how much you keep your hardwood floor protected, you cannot avoid gauge and dents. The gauges on the floor can break the wood fibre. Our experts have found out the most promising way of removing gouges and dents from the floor. For a small gauge, we prefer to rub a matching coloured wax filler stick on the place till it’s filled. A brown crayon can also do the job. After rubbing use a soft cloth to get rid of the excess wax. Whereas for a deep gauge, we prefer filling it up with coloured wood putty or an epoxy glue mixed with universal colourant. After that, use a lightly sanded paper to remove the excess.

For a shallow dent, we prefer using furniture touch up pen whose colour should match the colour of the wood. If the colour of the brown shoe police or marker matches, it will also be suitable. Apply the solution and wipe off the extra and the work is done.