It is necessary to hire professionals to do the work

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Sanding Brooklyn NY

Are you fed up of your old and dull house?

Is your floor getting old and have scratches? Here’s the time to refinish your hardwood floor. We are here to repair, refinish and refurbish your old hardwood floor with a new effective one. It will not only make your floor back to amazing but also add aesthetics to the overall appearance of your house. We are here to help you add a modern touch to your home with our unmatched services at the most reasonable price.


Professional hardwood floor refinishing:

Hardwood Floor Refinishing is the process of revitalising the life of old floor back. It brings the shine on the floor again, which eventually makes the home or your office looks brighter. The expert’s team will handle all the stains and scratches with the help of the professional experts. It is necessary to hire professionals to do the work because:

High-quality appearance – An improved quality of the floor is all you need to experience in your house every day. For this reason, one should hire professionals because they are trained to provide the best service. They have an experience of several years which makes then analyse the actual problem in the hardwood and find the correct solution for it.
The requirement of tools – The professional will have all the tools required at the time of refinishing such as a power sander, a varnisher and several other odds and ends. During the process a lot of dust enters the air, they keep the dust under control.
Value- Refinishing your hardwood floor is not less than an investment. The homeowners who wish that the value of your home should keep increasing will always go for the professional service. They will provide a seamless finish to your house and leave viewers stunned by the appearance. At the time of selling your house, you will get a sum equal to the value of a brand new house.


The process of refinishing hardwood floor:

The professionals perform the following steps while refinishing the wood floor:

Step 1: Preparing the floor

Remove all the things from the wall and seal all the doors using plastic and tape. Place a fan near the window, it will blow all the dust away and allow fresh air to enter the house.

Step 2: Fill the holes

Fill all the gaps visible on the floor. The professionals use wood putty and a putty knife for doing the process and fining up the edges. The more significant gaps have to be fulfilled using a small piece of similar kind of wood. They take a unique check on nailheads because they can hamper your sandpaper.

Step 3: Sanding

A plan sender or a heavy-duty edger is used by professionals to finish up the edges so that they match the centre of the room. They do it with a lot of patients by applying pressure to get it done faster. The professionals make sure that there are no marks left on the floor.

Step 4: Cleaning up

Once the floor is stripped off, the floor is swept with a clean cotton cloth. Then it is vacuumed to clean the tiny leftovers. Use a damp cloth to clean all the hidden dust from the door, windows, walls anywhere.

Step 5: Finishing up with staining.

The last process is to choose a stain and apply it all over using an old cotton cloth. Leave the floor for 24 hours to let it dry. Make sure to keep the room vented during the application.

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Hardwood Floor Sanding

The process of sanding of hardwood floor is different from refinishing. The process of sanding starts with professionals with some heavy equipment. It requires steady and strong hands with a delicate touch. The completion of sanding properly removes all the scratches on the floor and leave a perfectly smooth floor behind. The cost of hardwood floor sanding in Brooklyn depends on per square foot service. Usually, the cost of sanding ranges from $4.57 to $5.64. The average cost of sanding is $5.11 per square foot.